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About Kakapo

Kakapo Technologies Ltd and Kakapo Research and Development Ltd (collectively known as "Kakapo") are technology companies specialising in wholesale and treasury banking and more especially, risk.

Kakapo Technologies Ltd was established in 2000 to provide consultancy services. Whilst Kakapo's original consultancy focus remains important, Kakapo, in the form of Kakapo Research and Development Ltd, is now also strongly focussed on developing and marketing the world's finest market risk system.

Kakapo comprises a leading core of partners with deep experience in the field of wholesale financial systems development working with a number of select first class computer science graduates and experienced financial professionals.

Kakapo Technologies was formed by its principals who had been working as a successful team for six years within a leading wholesale banking institution, building and implementing derivative and security trading systems, covering all aspects of front, middle and back office processing.

During that time they were the lead players in a series of high profile and successful projects, the common threads of which were to build and implement working systems with architectural integrity and robustness. Significant business and technical advantage has been levered from these systems.

The principals formed Kakapo Technologies in the belief they can bring their strength and depth of experience and talent to other organisations.

Two principals have been added, further bolstering the technical capabilities of the company. Together the five principals have many years of experience in the successful implementation of workable, architecturally sound systems for the Treasury Banking industry.

Kakapo has 14 staff that shift seamlessly between the companies as required.

Kakapo Principals

Malcolm Stairmand is the Managing Director. Malcolm has worked in finance for 25 years. Malcolm has held senior positions in Technology and has two computer science degrees.

Gevan Dutton is a director and the Director of Engineering, Gevan has been working in finance for 15 years and holds a BSc (hons) in computer science.

Mark Wright is a director and occasionally provides consulting services. Mark has been working in finance for 20 years and holds a BSc in computer science.

Jason Cornish is a director and occasionally provides consulting services. Jason has been working in finance for 25 years and is studying for a BSc in mathematics.

Sean Broadley is a director and currently provides consulting services. Sean has been working in finance for 10 years and was previously a consultant at a large firm. Sean holds a BSc in philosophy and an MSc in computer science.